Can you Overcome the Data Leakage Risks of GenAI?

Must Knows about GenAI Data Leakage risks and ways to prevent it

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About this webinar

ChatGPT and other GenAI tools are the new kid in the block that changes the rules. While being a power contributor to productivity it brings a new type of data exposure risks that traditional DLP solutions can’t handle.

Join Anthony Johnson, Multi-time former Fortune 100 CISO and Or Eshed, CEO and Co-founder of LayerX, for an eye-opening discussion about: 

  • What are the unique risks that ChatGPT introduces to your sensitive data
  • Why is data exposure in ChatGPT a subset of a larger issue of protecting your data in the web
  • How can LayerX secure browser extension prevent sensitive data from leaking via ChatGPT with a wide set of granular controls.
  • And more...